~Sweater Weather Part 2~

A/N ; if you want to read part 1 feel free!

He asked me if I wanted to walk. I agreed. We starting walking around the park and talked quite a bit. After a while we went to the local bakery and ate a snack and had some tea. About an hour later I decided I should head back home, I didn’t want to walk alone in the dark. He insisted he walk me home so I let him. While walking he grabbed my hand and held it in his. I loved the feel of his soft, smooth, warm hands. 

Once we reached my apartment building he asked “Do you want me to walk you up?” “If you want too..” I responded trying to hide my faint blush. He walked me up and once we reached my door he pressed me against the wall one hand leaning on the wall. He told me how much he enjoyed spending the day with me and that I’m beautiful and asked me for my number. I gave it to him and he kissed me on the cheek softly and left me dazed leaning against the wall. This man, this perfect man I had just met made me explode with feelings inside I could not manage or control. 

I got out of my clothes and slipped into some sweats and and light shirt to be comfy and warm since it was almost winter, yet freezing cold outside. I sat on my couch and flicked on the tv. My phone vibrated to I picked it up thinking it was just one of my close friends. To my surprise it was Harry.

Harry; Hello love. :) xx 

I exploded with happiness and excitement. I waited a minute until I replied so he didn’t know how emotional I was, I have to play it smooth and cool I thought. So I decided to reply with ; Well I’m assuming this is Harry? :)

Just a second later he replied ; Who else would it be beautiful? xx

He called me beautiful twice…wow. 

Me; Oh idk some odd stranger(; 

Harry; Haha. Are you busy tomorrow? ;) x 

Me; Nope I’m free…

Harry; Do you want to hangout…? :) x

Me; Sure! Do you just want to pick me up around…2? x

Harry; Perfect! ;) xx

Me; Well I should be heading off to sleep..thanks for spending time with me today :) Night xx

Harry; Anytime beautiful I’ll see you tomorrow sleep well love. xx <3

And I’ve just been hit….I think I truly do love him..

A/N 10 likes and I’ll make another part…Hope you enjoyed it! Xoxo<33 

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